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Fire Alarm Security Cables

Fire Alarm Security Cables

We offer a comprehensive range of special Cable Wires, which are used in high security equipments. Available in different length and sizes, these cable can withstand high temperature.These cables have Fire ratardant properties. Effective in long duration use, these wires withstand a significant degree of stretch and bend.

“Technoflex carries a full stock of multi-conductor shielded and unshielded fire systemcable, as well as a full stock of multi-paired unshielded fire alarm cable. “Technoflex” also carries shielded and unshielded heavy duty armored fire system cable

products consist of many wire conductors within “Technoflex” Wire and Cable has been a staple provider of Fire Alarm-Security (FAS) cables for more than a decade, providing reliable interconnection within fire alarm security systems, smoke and fire detectors, fire alarms and emergency communication systems. Our standard and Fire Alarms are the workhorses of the fire alarm cable industry. Need to pull a cables.

Technoflex solid / stranded annealed plain electrolytic grade copper conductor as per IS:8130. core insulated with extruded PVC conforming to IS:5831

Two such cores twisted together to form a pair and wrapped with aluminum backed Mylar tape with drain wire of ATC copper,pvc inner sheathed, GI wire / Strip armoured and finally sheathed with special PVC compound

Applications :

Building Automation System Cables Available with us are used in multiplexes, malls and High rise buildings. For this a total complement of cables for control, connectivity, alarm, security, sound, water sprinklers to be used for, CCTV Cameras, Access control, P.A. systems and Building management systems .i.e Total IBMS solutions

Technical Data:



Electrolytic Grade Copper Bare / Tinned, Solid / Stranded / Flexible Conductors.



0.5 / 0.75 / 1.0 / 1.5 / 2.5 up to 48 Pair

 Voltage Grade


300 / 500 / 600 / 1100 V

 Primary Insulation


Heat Resistant PVC / PE / HR / FR



Individual and / or Overall with Al-Mylar or Braided with Bare / Tinned Copper

 Inner Sheath





GI Round Wire / Flat Strip

 Outer Sheath



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Fire Survival Cables